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Vic Randolph
Vic Randolph

Accessing, Gay: Using Company Devices. !!LINK!!

Individuals living with schizophrenia may face a double stigma when using digital devices. Beyond the stigma often associated with schizophrenia itself [24], there may be bias that those living with schizophrenia do not own, cannot use, are not interested in, or will become more paranoid and agitated when using technologies like mobile phones [25]. Our survey indicates that there is a subset of individuals with schizophrenia who challenge the assumptions of low access and low frequency of use. While our methodology of a Web-based survey excludes many who do not like or use technology, our results highlight a subset of those with schizophrenia who not only are well connected, but also use technology in a similar manner to the general population.

Accessing, gay: Using company devices.

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