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CSI: Dark Motives features five mysteries to be solved. Players will be challenged by cases involving an (allegedly) accidental death on a reality TV show, strange discoveries about the corpse of a homeless person, a possible Native American burial ground discovered in the construction of a new casino, an actress who is shot in the middle of her onstage performance, and an exotic animal that goes missing from a popular show. In each case, players must consult with their teammates and conduct thorough, point-and-click investigations of each crime scene.


There's only some carryover related to the lives of the characters, and each episode (case) is self-contained. So, too, with the game. CSI 2 presents us with five distinct and varied cases. As with the show, each episode starts with the crime scene. Using a range of investigative techniques, and a little help from your friends, you proceed to the resolution, and even a final evaluation from Grissom. CSI 2 is rated "M" for mature, and appropriately so. If you won't let your child watch the TV show, then it's also not fitting for her/him to play the game.

You'll also need to visit Greg at the lab to have evidence analyses completed, use some of the equipment yourself, and even see Doc Robbins on occasion for his appraisals. Finally, you'll work up to Captain Brass to see if you have enough for a warrant. He'll often send you packing. More work may be needed on the Evidence Trinity - an interesting guide to measuring progress among victim, suspects, and crime scene.

Just like the hit show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation takes place in Las Vegas, where you work as a rookie investigator fresh on the job. Amid all the gambling and partying in one of the most alluring cities in the world, there are more than enough brutal crimes to solve. As a new employee at the forensics lab, you must accompany more seasoned investigators as they track down suspects and scour crime scenes across the city.

As expected, the bulk of your time is spent searching crime scenes for clues, including fingerprints, bloodstains, and other chemical trails. At the start of a case, you'll discuss your options with your superior and can jump around from location to location looking for leads. Occasionally, you'll interrogate suspects and question witnesses, opening up new investigation options. When it's time to collect evidence, you'll crack out your tool kit, which includes a range of adhesives, powders, and devices to help you hunt down clues. Similar to games like L.A. Noire, some clues are simply meant to throw you off the trail, while others can make or break the case.

Ultimately, if you love the CSI show and enjoy the characters and dark tone, you'll have a good time investigating the various crimes that the game has to offer. When compared to some of the wackier episodes of the show, these crimes can feel somewhat tame, but it's still bloodier and more risque than you might expect. Digging up clues and analyzing them at the lab is fun enough for a few hours, but things slow down towards the end of the game.

CSI teams became known through television series such as CSI: Miami, CSI: New York or CSI: Las Vegas. However, these hardly correspond to reality. Only the areas of responsibility of the fictitious Crime Scene Investigator are irrational. They not only investigate the crime scene, but are also active in all other areas of the crime laboratory. Crime scene investigators compare fingerprints, perform DNA analyses or investigate ballistic evidence. Neither does the CSI interrogate suspects or direct investigations. In the playlist below you will find music tracks from our music catalogue for royalty-free Production Music or Stock Music with the keyword "CSI", which can be licensed directly online via the Proud Music Library as background music for commercials, ads on TV, In-Stream-ads or movie and radio spots. It is also possible to download mp3 files in reduced quality for free to present them internally. Use is only permitted after the purchase of a license. If you have any questions regarding licensing, please contact us by phone at ++49 (0)6132 43 088 30 or by email at The songs on this page may NOT be used without a license. Please purchase a license according to the intended use!

Perfect hybrid song consisting of orchestra and synthetic sounds. A very broad arc of suspense opens the door to a variety of possible uses: Research videos, crime scene investigations, commercials or even documentaries.

A suspense packed crime investigation Opener featuring pulsating 303 bassline, hits, distorted SFX and orchestral elements. Perfect for powerful cinematic action Intros.Sounds alike the typical American crime movie style.

In this suspense-filled mystery/detective game, interrogate witnesses, search crime scenes for clues, find evidence and then analyze it with the latest forensic tools. Several difficulty levels let you customize the game to your playing style and experience. Bonuses for the player include pre-production sketches, a trivia section and "behind the scenes" footage.

Solve various cases in this game based on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation television series. Use such tools as fingerprint dusters, UV lights, a magnifying scope, an enhanced microscope, and other equipment to explore various items and scenes. Compare evidence in the crime lab.

Virtual crime scene investigation games are challenges where groups search for clues, gather evidence, and rule out suspects in a virtual setting. The purpose of virtual crime scene investigation games is to bring teams together for team bonding and fun problem-solving activities.

One of the most popular crime scene solving games is Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment. With this PC game, you can choose from six investigations, most of which are crime scenes. Each investigation gives you the option to gather evidence, interrogate and rule out suspects.

In forensic science, handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint. One of the fun virtual crime scene activities is challenging teams with a handwriting analysis race. In this activity, teams have to match handwriting samples within a certain time. The team that matches all of the examples first wins!

One of the best online crime scene solving games is Black Noir Murder Escape Room Experience. Your team will want to break out their two-tone dress shoes, and pinstripe suits for this gangster-era escape room meets CSI thriller! In this virtual game, your team will play the role of Private Investigator Mr. Jones, who needs to solve a murder before the culprit strikes again.

One of the best free virtual crime scene investigation games is The Woman Who Cried Under Water. This game is playable in team mode and revolves around solving the murder of a young woman found dead in the middle of a swimming pool.

CSI fans will love this computer game version of the television show CSI. This game has five cases, including a murdered taxi driver, waitress, an entire rock band, an eye surgeon, and a store clerk. All cases have forensic reconstructions and crime scenes taken from the show, so your CSI sleuths will feel like they are part of the show!

Virtual crime scene investigation games are opportunities to bring teams together for a fun, team bonding experience. If you are working on a limited budget, you can create a virtual crime scene investigation using a scavenger hunt or amazing race with puzzles and activities. If you have a bigger budget, then you can purchase a few copies of the same game and break your CSI sleuths up into smaller groups. Regardless, your team will love playing Sherlock Holmes and interacting with one another! 041b061a72

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