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Vic Randolph
Vic Randolph

Prototype 2: The Hidden DLCs You Didn't Know About

for the carbon fiber parts, we used a carbon fiber mold, so the first prototype, as mentioned above, had already been made. the carbon fiber parts came off the print bed. however, printing the surface of the printed frame with carbon fiber was not possible, as the printing material is much too soft. therefore, we had to sand off a part of the surface of the carbon fiber model.

Prototype 2 DLC Unlocker-3DM mod

an alternative way is now available: by using digital manufacturing (additive or subtractive manufacturing), multiple parts can be produced from a single cad file, digitally built up, and printed or molded. you can opt to scale up from 10 layers to 20 or more, but this is not always necessary. to make a digital prototype, you need a 3d printer and an stl or obj file.

in the 3d print preview, the program displays a virtual scanner that calculates the optimal 3d printing process. after printing, the program reveals the prints, creates a file that enables you to add the object to the cad/cam software and to allow you to edit and modify the model. if necessary, the object may be divided into several parts.

the fdm-technology involves the extrusion of thermoplastic material that is heated and formed via mechanical action. the object is built up layer by layer and then cut along the predefined laser paths. from the stl file, this process can be programmed virtually via the software.

the laser is generally positioned at the support structures (bolts and brackets) on the sides of the object because it can easily be detected and cut by the software. however, there is no need to apply special protection layer to prevent the object from being damaged during the printing process.

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